Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess Who's Being Transferred???

Mary sent a voice recording this week. She is going to transfer to Raymondville, TX, which is 40 miles northeast of Weslaco. She will miss her new investigator and convert friends she has made in Weslaco.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ARM WRESTLE--Raspa (snow cone) vs. Book of Mormon

Pues Hola :)

Hello everyone back home :) I can't believe it snowed!!!!!!! That is crazy. I was just talking to Leanne Longoria (she goes to byui but came back to Weslaco for Thanksgiving break) and she said that Rexburg doesn't even have snow yet. Olympia is ahead of Rexburg in snow... weird... that has got to be the sign of the second coming or something. You're going to the Tri-Cities for Thanksgiving?! FUN! Say hello to everyone over there for me :) Eat lots! For Thanksgiving we have two dinner appointments right now :) Yay! Don't you worry, I will eat lots of pumpkin pie. For some reason I thought that we had holidays off as missionaries just to kind of hang around the house and visit members.... haha I was wrong. It's going to be just another day because the Lord's work never stops! I think maybe we'll stay in for a bit on Christmas. I'm not going to lie, I've been wishing for just a day to rest. Everyday I wake up I'm exhausted... and everytime we get back home I hit the pillow right after planning. We've just been going, going, going! I'm super tired... but life is still good of course :) It is the least I can do...the Savior suffered for all of our sins and bled from every pore... the least I can do is be a little tired right?

This week went by SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only people that came to church were the kids I talked about last week. They are awesome - I love them. The one girl is EXACTLY like Gracie. I wish they could meet because they would have fun together. After a lesson about the Word of Wisdom she wanted to arm wrestle me... so I said if she beat me five times in a row I'd buy her a RASPA (snow cone type thing that everyone raves over down here) and if I won she would have to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon. She beat me (with help of course) so now I need to buy her a watermelon raspa with kool-aid and gummi bears.... but I made her read a chapter of the Book of Mormon anyway :)

We are still working on helping people solidify their testimonies... we are trying to get people to come to church, but it is hard for them... either because they just don't have the desire or because it is new and different for them. The Spanish branch is going to start a "noche de hoger" family home evening for our investigators to come to... I think it is an awesome idea. People can just come and see members in real life and talk casually.

I'm so excited for pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got some letters from people in the single's branch! Yay for Oly 5th!

On Saturday we find out if we are being transfered or not! I have NO IDEA if I will stay or go... but I hope I can stay. I like it here.

La vida es buena!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sister Sigler and I have just been working away down here in Weslaco. We are having fun and meeting a lot of special prepared people. Last week we picked up a family for church and they came in their jeans and school clothes... but we go to pick them up this week and the 8 year old had nice slacks/shoes/shirt and the 12 year old had a nice easter dress on... and we didn't tell them anything :) We have been finding a lot of young adults/kids that really want God in there life - it is just hard to get the parents on board as well. It is true when the scripture says "the field is white already to harvest." I think back to my farewell talk and how I talked about us planting seeds as missionaries... but that isn't the main job at all - we are here to harvest - I'm beginning to see that the seeds have been planted already. We are here to harvest because the field is ready. There are many people ready for the gospel and baptism all around us.

I started reading the Doctrine and Coventants all the way through this week. I love it! I have never read it all the way through before and it is awesome. It is really neat to hear the voice of the Lord speaking through the verses. I feel like I'm coming to know Christ more and more as I read it and see His interaction with the prophet and other people.


Monday, November 1, 2010



They were beautiful! It looks like you had fun with Grandma and Grandpa Bricker! Tell them I said hello. Andrew and Anna's costumes look AWESOME! They are so big everytime I see them. I was on the bus in spirit! YES I GOT THE PACKAGE THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GLUTEN FREE BARS WERE SO GOOD MOM I NEED THE RECIPE! OF COURSE I HAVE EATEN THEM ALL ALREADY HAHA. The blanket was a bad idea though... it's so comfy I don't want to get up!!!!!!!!! :) I love it and use it all the time! But there is so much work to do here that I am able to get out of bed in the morning, don't you worry! The GPS is awesome Dad, thanks a ton. I like it because it has the speed limit in the bottom corner so I can always make sure I'm driving the correct speed... perfect for being exactly obedient :) And the card was cute Mom thanks. I also got a notice that Grandma Palmer sent me a package so I'm excited to pick that up today :D

How was Halloween? I'm sick from eating so much candy. I need to eat better out here! I've never had so much Church's chicken in my life. It's like there version of KFC... it's good but so unhealthy! I've started jump roping in the mornings now.. but the one I have isn't very's one of those chepo rope ones you know? IT HAS BEEN FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING HERE IN THE MORNINGS! The temperature says 65 degrees but honestly it feels like it could snow.... it is the weirdest thing. But by the time we head out after all our studies it is plenty warm.

This week was a good one!!!!! The work is just moving along here in Weslaco. I think I'm pretty much adjusted now :) The Lord has blessed Sister Sigler and I to find some awesome new investigators this week. The first people we found are sisters and going to the local high school here. There is also a fmily that is really awesome as well. They opened up and were welcoming right away. They said they have been wanting to come to church for a while now and we told them that we can help them out with that :) ...but then they never came on Sunday... haha but that is okay, this is a new week! Yes Jennifer got baptized on Saturday! That was really exciting. I love seeing them right after they come out of the water... she told us "Sisters... that felt REALLY GOOD!" :) She was clean :) The best part of the mission! We had a lot of support from the members at the baptism which makes a big difference. Our building here is currently under construction so we have to commute to a chapel in Farr now... I hope that all goes well with that!

This week was a week of success... and some really neat experiences... but also we have seen Satan working really hard. Yesterday we saw a lot of opposition and nothing seemed to be going right. But we are not letting things get us down - don't you worry about that! This is a new week and we are just working away... people may try and stop this work but it won't happen. I love when God speaks in the Doctrine and Covenants and says trying to stop this work is like trying to stop the Mississippi with your arm... not happening!

Yesterday I gave a talk in the Spanish ward for the first time :O was interesting haha. It was super hard for me to speak ten minutes in a row - Spanish tires my toungue out... you know what I mean? It takes more energy to speak and form words... I read a story from general conference and it was probably a bad idea becuase most of the words were really big and hard to say. It was a good experience though and they all were patient with my Spanish.

Oh yeah! Edana sent me leaves from WA in the mail! Cool eh?

Well I love you alll and hope everything is going well! Time is just flying by! TELL CONNOR HAPPY BDAY FOR ME! He now only has to wait 6 years before his mission :)

Sister Bricker