Monday, November 14, 2011

I KNOW He protects His servants...but I also know that He has a specific plan/work for each one of His children.

Yes, it has been a sad week :(  We had just finished our awesome conference with Elder Zivic (Quorum of the Seventy) where Elder Walker had demonstrated in Spanish how to tie his shoelaces... it was really funny - he is a hoot.  So we had just seen them that night and then the next morning we got a phone call from a member telling us they got in a bike accident and passed away.  We were all in shock and cried alllllllllllllllllllll morning, it was horrible.  We all had the worst headaches.  But, at least we got out all of our tears then and we haven't cried since.  I actually knew Elder Walker a lot more than Elder Strong.  He was in my district for about 5 months in Brownsville... so I saw him many times a week and practiced teaching with him.  He is a goof ball.  I loved working with him - he helped us one time when I got a flat on my bike tire.  He and Elder Velez came all the way over to help us patch my tire.  He was super nice, funny and always serving/smiling. 

It has been a wake-up call that LIFE IS SHORT!  We never know when our time is going to be.  We can only be ready.  I know they were both ready.  People we meet on the street ask us "Why would God do that to them?  Why wouldn't He take the drug dealers or bad people?  Why didn't He protect them?"  Something that I have truly gained a testimony of on my mission is that God DOES protect His servants.  I have seen it number of times with me, being in a dangerous situation but escaping from them - especially with dogs :)  I KNOW He protects His servants...but I also know that He has a specific plan/work for each one of His children.  I know He has some other work for them to do in the spirit world.  They will be companions over there too :) 

Don't worry, I always wear my helmet :)  Actually you can rest easy because I haven't ridden a bike for a while because Sister Cortes can't ride one with her asthma.

The work is going good!  This week was kind of crazy... but there have been so many miracles as well.  Javier and Angel are doing good.  Her license STILL HASN'T COME...she is going to go in and check where it is at because it has already been three weeks!  As long as everything goes well with that, they'll be getting baptized this Sunday :)  We are going to borrow a member's guitar and see if we can come up with a special musical number for their baptism :)

Sonya and Emily were in the Primary Program this Sunday :)  They did awesome.  They seem like they have been members all their lives! .. guess what section Sonya talked about?  MISSIONARY WORK.  Coincidence?  No!  She is going to be a missionary :)  Already decided. 

John and Lamont (who I was teaching in Edinburg that got baptized last month) went to the Temple for the first time to do baptisms.  It is just the most amazing/gratifying thing to see the spiritual progression of the people we meet.  My heart is full!!!!

DAD'S DINNER SOUNDS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell the exchange student to stay because I want to talk with her in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!


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