Monday, November 21, 2011

She is so strong in the faith and knows that death is not all and that God has greater purpose for everything

I HAD PUMPKIN PIE THIS WEEK AND WAS SOOOOO GIDDY!  I looooooooooooove pumpkin and can't wait for all the delicious pumpkiny goodness to come THIS WEEK!  The pumpkin smash at Jamba sounds DELICIOUS.

Hey QUICK QUESTION!  The office called me this week confirming flight plans for the 25th... but I asked her about if you were planning on coming, could we change that for later - she said yes, but I need to approve it through President Trayner first.  BUT I was just wondering if that was still something you had time/funds to do?  I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to introduce you both to everyone, but I understand completely that the timing isn't super convenient and would cost a lot.  So, think about it, pray about it and then I'll ask President Trayner - if it is something you'll be able to do.

This week was pretty good :)  I've been sick basically all the week but worked through it...Saturday evening I ended up losing my voice though haha TOO MUCH TALKING.  Angel and Javier had some trials this week :(  Their car broke down completely and need to buy an 800 dollar engine   Her drivers license (that she was waiting on for marriage) was sent to the wrong address so she had to go apply AGAIN for another one.  Long story short : through a miracle they SHOULD be able to buy the marriage license tomorrow haha.  I've just been praying like crazy for them.  They are still awesome though :)  Angel and Sonja are always studying the Gospel Principles book together.  Hopefully we'll have a Thanksgiving wedding!

The week has been really good work wise.  We had three investigators come to the YSA I got to go :D  I know basically all the members there and felt like I was in school again haha - so it is a good thing I don't go there all the time.  It is interesting to see how prepared the younger generation is!!!!  Things are going good - Angel and Javier should be baptized this Sunday... then Dec 4 Edison, Dec 11 Claudia... we are working so so hard so that they can overcome their challenges and enter in through the straight gate of baptism! 

Yesterday we went to the funeral of Elder Strong and Walker.  We heard from Sister Strong.  She said someone asked her "If you would have known this was going to happen before, would you still send your son out on a mission?" and she said "OH YES."  IT WAS POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!  She is so strong in the faith and knows that death is not all and that God has a greater purpose for everything.

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