Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SOOOOOOOOO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!! I know I really missed having an email from you last week but I got your post card and it was great! Nothing like a cemetary in Idaho to brighten my spirits!!!!! hahaha I'm just giving you a bad time, I really did love it! I didn't get too much mail this week so it was quite the treasure to recieve that! I'm excited that Dad caught his limit this year... and I figured the fishing wouldn't be too good because I wasn't there :) God is saving it for when I get back :) haha just kidding. OH MY GOODNESS GOAT FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE KIDDING! THAT IS THE BEST THING I'VE HEARD ALL DAY (well besides the recitation of the first vision... sorry I'm a missionary now those things are really exciting :)) TELL LANCE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO. MY COMPANIONS WILL BE EXCITED TAMBIEN :)

TELL THE NEW STUDENTS HELLO! I just got a letter from Chelsea from Japan. She is doing great! What city is he from in Japan? Wooo and tell the spanish speakers "Hola, como estas? Por favor traducira mi cartas por mi madre? Bienvinidos a Washington!" That is awesome. Send pics when you can! Actually I got like 100 from dad so there are probably some in there - I hope I'll have time to look at them all!!!!!


SO in order to not gain weight here, I only have treats on fridays... they always rotate desserts and we never know what we are having... and I have been telling my companions that I really really want pumpkin pie and that it is my favorite... and GUESS WHAT?! THIS FRIDAY THEY FINALLY HAD PUMPKIN PIE FOR DESSERT!!!!!! My companions were freaking out and went and got me a piece before I even sat down at the table because they knew how much I love it... that is true love right there :) So that was a highlight of my week haha :)

Okay and lots of Spanish mishaps this week. Okay so we were teaching an "investigator" Luis the first lesson. I was sharing with him about prophets and the importance of prophets (all in Spanish). I go to look up Amos 3:7 in my Spanish scriptures... but it is taking a while because they are new... so my companion Hermana Harrison says to me "Amos 3:7 right?" and opens her scriptures to it and has him start to read. As he was reading I thought it sounded a little weird but didn't question because most of the time Spanish sounds wierd to me... when he was done I asked him "so from this verse, what can we learn about prophets?" He just starts laughing and laughing... and I'm thinking "ohhhh no... what scripture did we give him..." Apperently my companion marked AMOS 4:7 instead of AMOS 3:7... look it up :) Maybe you would have had to be there for it to be funny haha but it was in the moment.

Pues, tengo tres semanas mas aqui en Provo. Estoy ANIMADO estar en Texas. I'm trying to use my spanish more but it takes too long. oh exciting news!!!!!!!!!! We set a baptisimal date with Alan one of our investigators. Probably one of the most exciting moments of my life... and its not even the real deal yet. This work is great! I love being a missionary for the Savior. I couldn't do anything without Him...


HELLO FAMILY DEBBIE, SARAH, STEVE, MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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