Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad to Leave Laredo


Mom that is interesting that you read the book "How to Have Difficult Conversations." You should gives me some tips/pointers! PLEASE! Last night we had a rather lengthly conversation with a Jehovah's Witness preacher about Adam and Eve. I'm still learning how to go about those the right way without getting into Bible bashing. People want us to back up our teaching and beliefs with the Bible... and then when we do they are always like "no, that is not what it means... it actually means this" and it is a bit frustrating... that is why PRAYER is so important because you can ask God Himself what it really means. Hahaah okay sorry that was a rant. But yes feel free to give me a summary of that book!

FELICIDADES ABOUT YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT! It brings me great joy that the Lord is blessing you with prosperity - because you are sacrificing so much right now for Jon and I to be out here.

I'm excited for the package! Thanks for moving it... SERIOUSLY THAT WAS THE LAST THING I THOUGHT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THAT I WAS TRANSFERED! I JUST GOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Laredo and I LOVE SISTER VILLALOBOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH! She is "mi mama" in the mission so I am sad to leave her... she has taken good care of me and taught me all I know :) Don't worry though we have already planned a backpacking trip for after the mission so you'll meet her someday... and LELILAH. She is a recent convert here who comes out with us ALL THE TIME and takes us out to eat. She seriously has the biggest heart. I'm so blessed to be here with great people. She is the one who texted you saturday :) We BIKED ALL DAY (saturday is now bike day) and we were EXHAUSTED so we went out to a delicious chinese buffet. I was a tomato! I'm suprised I haven't gotten super burnt here. The Lord is blessing me.

This week was honestly a week of MIRACLES. Seriously I have never seen the hand of the Lord so OBVIOUS in my life. These are stories for another day so you'll just have to take my word for it :) THE ONE INVESTIGATOR THAT WE HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR OCTOBER 31ST! We are soooooooooo excited for him. He is prepared and ready. Everytime he is talking to someone about us he refers to us as "his angels." It's really kind of special to think about being someone's angel... but when we turn ourselves and what we do over to God every day, we can become those angels/servants for God. This isn't a missionary thing - this is an every person thing. This is a YOU thing. Everytime you work for God, you are His angel. I love that Spencer W. Kimball quote that talks about - God meeting our needs through other people.

Anywho! I am sad to miss his baptism. I am sad to leave Laredo but I know God has other things in store down in McAllen. The area I'll be working in is called Weslaco. Everyone I've talked to about Weslaco LOVES IT! I'm really excited. My companion will be Sister Sigler and she has been out for five months. It is about 50% Spanish and 50% English. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!


2 NEPHI 27:23

ENOS 1:1 (switch "father" with "parents")

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