Monday, October 4, 2010

THE BAPTISM WAS AMAZING! The Lord works miracles.


Okay I have so much to write I need like TEN HOURS TO FIT IT ALL IN! I'm going to speed type for you all. Conference was amazing right?

Okay so we had a BAPTISM AND IT WAS AMAZING! The Lord works miracles. It was amazing how calm and at peace she was later in the week when we talked to her. We had all been praying for her to feel at ease with the decision... and the Lord works according to our faith :) Her husband was able to baptize her on Saturday. It went perfect. She asked me to give a talk on baptism and I was honored. It was my first time speaking at a baptism. She came up out of the water and I knew she was clean. What a great feeling. They are planning to go to the Temple in a year with their little girl. Miracles happen.

The one investigator we met last week continues to amaze me. SOOOOOO many times people tell us "yeah come back next week..." but then they are NEVER there... but he was there and he had READ the pamphlet about the gospel. We had an amazing lesson about faith using Alma 32 and Ether 12. I can see the light and hope enter into his eyes already. We invited him to prepare for baptism and he is thinking about it. We also invited him to conference... and HE CAME..,.. and listened intently to the WHOLE thing. It was amazing. He did look at his watch once. Afterwards he told us that he loved it. He said that he felt like they were speaking DIRECTLY to him. It was Saturday afternoon session which talked a lot about faith... and I know the Lord specifically had him in mind while directing the speakers... so he is starting to feel it and each day I can see his smile is a little brighter. I really, really wish you and dad were serving down here as the senior missionaries... because honestly him and dad are SO MUCH ALIKE! He reminds me of Dad all the time and the things he has gone through. I was thinking as he was talking to us - "Dad would be the perfect member to take to these lessons." But anywho he is doing so well and I can't wait for you and Dad to serve a mission someday BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

So I have had some really interesting tracting stories from this week. First we were speaking with this lady at her door about the restoration.. in Spanish. I was explaining prophets and all of a sudden I hear my companion SCREAM... and I was like uh oh... and I look down and there was a GIANT HUGE GRUB WORM crawling past her feet on the portch. It was seriously three inches long and a half an inch wide. I have never seen one so big in my life. The owner kicks it to the side and we keep talking. Well Sister Villalobos invited her to be baptized and so the lady was thinking... and thinkking... and then all of a sudden she starts screaming hahaha I was like what in the world is going on around here... the bug decided to make another appearance. This time the woman gets her broom and procedes to golf it off the porch... we gave her a card and went on our merry way.

Second happened yesterday. A man opened his door and we introduced ourselves. He then asked us these questions

-Are you all pretty close?
-uhhhh sure.. yeah?

-Do you share things together?
-umm... not really but sometimes

-Would you ever share you husband?

Oh my goodness it was so ridiculous. It was really creepy and not a good conversation with him. I just thought it was funny though because he must have spent a long time thinking up those questions. No husband sharing for me!

Okay one last thing... THE COCHROACHES ARE CRAZY! We deep cleaned our apartment and found like 100 in the cupboard dead. We proabably kill one a day but they are small little buggers so it's not a big deal. The mosquitos are crazy and eat me like crazy. They are out at all times of the day--I don't get it!




send my love to everytooonea;sdfj!!!!!!!!!!1

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