Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm so blessed to be spending this Christmas working along side Christ here in Texas.

That is so fun that Mike and Jess are there!!!!! What things have you done besides the Space Needle? I'm excited for the beach gingerbread project :) :) :) I'm going to talk with Sister Nelson because that would be fun to make one Christmas Eve with investigators or something.

So Raymondville... is small... but has a lot of character if you know what I mean. Everyone knows everyone here. We see the people that we contact all the time around town. The population is about 9,000. There is only one little branch - it is all in TEX-MEX... so literally the President Ramos will say one sentence in english and one sentence in spanish. It is funny to listen to. My brain gets really confused though haha. They have head phones and a translator for everyone to understand. There is a lot of work to do here which is getting me really excited. Raymondville has a lot of potential.

Sister Smith goes home this Sunday! I'm excited for her - she gets to go home for Christmas. We put up a little tree with lights and it is cute. Today I'll buy some lights at the store. Oh and just fyi my going home date is officially January 25, 2010 (I think she means 2012). I go through waves of missing you all and wishing I could be home with you during the holidays...and being so glad I'm here serving the Lord. Yesterday during the Christmas Devo ( WHICH WAS AWESOME) we made popcorn for the people that came and watched it on a little 35 x 35 inch tv. I was sitting there and just started to cry because I've never done something so good in my life. I realized then that I am on a mission. My thoughts, efforts, and strengths are all dedicated to the Lord and His children. I love being out here and talking/teaching/testifying of the Savior everyday. I'm so blessed to be spending this Christmas working along side Christ here in Texas. I feel like my work is pleasing to Him and I can't express how much joy that brings me. I'm definitely NOT perfect by any means but I am trying... I'm trying so hard.

I want you to know that the Lord truly is watching over me here. I know that is in part becuase of your prayers and the prayers of many others. So many times we go up to someone's door and they were like "how did you get up here?" And we're like "umm...we walked?" haha. Then they say "huh that is weird becuase we have a big dog that always goes after people." We look around and there is no dog in sight. This week we came back for a return appointment and there was this HUGE rooster standing on the gate as we walked by only a foot away. It just stared at us as we passed. When we talked with the lady, she said the same thing "I'm suprised you got to the door, the rooster pecks and scratches people all the time - it is very defensive." I have seen some things here in Texas and have HEARD lots about the border that is getting worse but never worry because the Lord is protecting us.

I'm grateful for all you do for me. My time is up but I know that my Redeemer lives!


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