Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well we have a present for you Tomas!

Well hello again!!!!!!

IT WAS AWESOME TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO YOU ALL ON THE PHONE!!!!!! You all sounded so happy and like you were having fun! It was kind of hard to hear and chaotic but I loved it... just like home :) I told someone the other day when they were apologizing for their crazy family/house... and I told them the quote from Uncle Ric that families "put the 'fun' in disfunctional." I told them no family is perfect but we are here to love and support and lift each other. I'm grateful for all the love and support and lifting you have given me over the years and ESPECIALLY NOW. IT WOULD BE MUCH HARDER TO SERVE HERE WITHOUT YOU ALL!

The rest of my Christmas was crazy. We went to a few members to eat and I was SUPER stuffed. They are all so kind and giving. Even though a lot of them don't have much, they worked super hard all day to make us a lot of delicious food... so of course I ate as much as I could to show my gratitude to them :) I had tamales and bunuelos (like elephant ears). I still need to learn how to make tamales... but no se preoccupe porque tengo un ano mas!

Last week when we went to mail off a package, Tomas the mailman guy was like, "Hey where is my present?" joking around... he said "Nobody brings me presents anymore for Christmas." So we told him, "Well we have a present for you Tomas!" Then we ran outside and got a Book of Mormon and ripped out a bunch of pictures of Christ from our pamphlets and taped them together for wrapping paper. We wrapped up the Book of Mormon in our Jesus wrapping paper and taped a candy cane on it and gave it to Tomas :) haha he was SUPER excited :) Then today I went by to send something and I asked him how he liked his present... and he said he is reading it! Yay!!! He said he loves to read and has started it already.... cool :) Hopefully something comes of it.




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