Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm so blessed to be working down here where the people are receptive to the word of God

Thanks for the prayers! I need them!!!! I loved reading your email mom. Necisita escribirme mas en espanol para practicar :) Como le fue su exam? Esta practicando con los exchange students? Le gusta mi texmex? :)

I type my favorite exclamation to say in spanish but I don't know how to spell it... I'll type it phenetocally... E-WHOLE-A (using english prononciation) it means "OH MY!"

The whole week I wasn't really feeling well - I thought I might have a tape worm or something haha but then yesterday I started to feel better.... but then I woke up this morning with a sore throat entonces I'm going to buy emergence at Walmart today! But I should be okay.

I learned many lessons this week. I learned that even when you think you just can't take your trials ANY LONGER... you can. For some reason it had just been hard the past couple weeks.... I just wasn't feeling good and I didn't feel like the work was going anywhere. After we got back from emailing last week I just went to the bathroom and got down on my knees and poured my heart out to Dios letting Him know that I NEED HIS HELP. No matter how old I get or how independent I think I am - I CAN'T LIVE THIS LIFE WITHOUT HIS HELP. Were things instantly better after that prayer? No. But I kept moving and pressing forward in faith that things were going to get better... and the next day was awesome! I didn't feel much better but we were able to talk with Liz and she wants to be baptized! YAY! For some reason after that lesson I had a HUGE burden lifted off my shoulders and I could feel the hand of the Lord just pushing me along. I know He gives us trials and hard times for a reason... in this instance to keep me humble and leaning on Him. I know He will help us - He doesn't give us more than we can handle...only really close to it :) But that is how we grow.

Presidente and Sister Trayner came by to our apartments for interviews on Friday. It was nice to talk with them and get words of counsel/wisdom from President Trayner. He said I'm going to stay in Brownsville for a while... unless the Lord tells him otherwise so we'll see this next transfer :)

I'm excited for your package!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some good gluten free things! My companions have been eating a lot of delicious WHEATY breads and so it has been super hard becuase it smells SO GOOD!

Yesterday was a REALLY special experience. In the two wards in Brownsville yesterday, EIGHT people entered into the waters of baptism. It was really special to see that many people take turns and walk down into the baptisimal font. The spirit was super strong. It made me think of D&C 4 how the field is white ALREADY TO HARVEST. I'm so blessed to be working down here where the people are receptive to the word of God... there are people out there ready. We are working hard to find them and working with FAITH that they are out there. It is hard sometimes when we haven't had anyone very serious for a while but they are out there!

D&C 103:12

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year is going to go by super fast. I can already feel it. Keep moving forward and read those scriptures :)

Good luck in school mom and tell everyone I said hello!

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