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Tu espanol es perfecto! Gracias por escribiendome en espanol! Te doy gracias por su carta. Siempre me da alegria oir de ti. Espero que tu examen fuera bien.

I can relate to Dad a little bit... because I had the first accident on my mission this week hahaha. Can you believe I made it 7 months without crashing on my bike or having some kind of bruise inflicting activity? ITS A RECORD! The Lord has blessed me :) haha. So we went for an appointment... and the person wasn't there. We were walking to go contact and all of a sudden, slowly but surely I tripped and went straight to the ground. My companions looked back and were like "Sister Bricker what happened?!" I told them I have no idea!!!!! I looked back to see what it was that I tripped on... and there was nothing! haha of course. The ground was up maybe a half an inch... I'm just clumsy... I got a cool bruise on my knee though YAY!

I had one of the most special experiences in my mission this week in a lesson with one of our investigators. We were in the church for our lesson and we invited him to pray for the first time. It was so sincere and beautiful. He really wants to know if God exists. We then went on with the lesson. Then he inturupts in the middle and asks us "I don't know what you think about this but I would like to say another prayer." And we were like OF COURSE! So we all knelt down together and he said the prayer - this time in his native language which is Italian. Even though I didn't know what he was saying, I could feel him pouring his whole heart out to God. The spirit was very strong. He is still searching for his "pista" or clue... but at our last visit in his prayer he said "Thank you for the pistas I am beginning to see more and more each day... I don't know what your angels are like but I imagine them to be like the Sisters you sent me." It was really special. Step by step!

Another investigator who came to church many times with us told us this week that she doesn't want us to read from the Book of Mormon anymore... and that it makes her uncomfortable. She talked to her padrino (Godfather) and he was counseling her not to read it... so that is a bummer :(

We met another AWESOME investigator this week. (I've never taught so many men before on my mission - this is a different experience). He is SUPER stoked for all the things we are teaching. When we came for our first appointment... he had to throw a birthday party last minute and so we offered to help him cook. I learned how to make some AWESOME guacamole and these really yummy appetizers which Dad and Jeff would love. What you do is clear out a green chili pepper and stuff it with cream cheese... then wrap it in bacon... and grill it! IT WAS DELICIOUS! I'll make it when I get back. After all his family came and gathered them up so we could tell them about the restoration!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha cool huh?! It is a different experience to have a crowd. But they all kind of left after they got food and he was the only one listening/participating... but he came to church the next day and LOVED IT! He was raising his hand and making all sorts of good comments. Tomorrow we'll talk to him about why he needs to be baptized again and set a date!

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has blessed us with lots of success in this area. Things are really blooming. We get calls about transfers on Saturday *crossing fingers I'll stay* haha



JOHN 15:13

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