Monday, March 14, 2011

Here in Brownsville the Lord has blessed us TREMENDOUSLY!

Gracias Madre para las noticias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No tengo mucho tiempo hoy! Necesitamos ir y trabajar pronto pero... thanks soooooo much for telling me about Chelsea! I have only heard a little bit about what happened in Japan but I heard that it was DEVASTATING. I was worried about Chelsea so it was really exciting that she is okay! Honestly I have no doubt that we are in the last days and these natural disasters will just keeping getting worse and worse. The people there will be in my prayers.

Basically all the week we were in McAllen for leadership training. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I LEARNED SOOOOO MUCH! The Spirit was there and I was able to learn a lot about how I can better help investigators come to know these things for themselves. I got to see all the old sister again and we stayed at the mission home. Sister Trayner is always so nice and buys me gluten free things to eat :) They take good care of us!

Here in Brownsville the Lord has blessed us TREMENDOUSLY! He placed two amazing families in our paths this week. One of them (a mom and her daughter) came to church this Sunday and LOVED it! Hopefully things will progress and they can make it to baptizm. Sad to say our other investigator did not come to church again :/ We had to turn him over to the Lord because he wasn't keeping commitments... he'll be baptized someday - I know it!

That is SO cool that Antero's mom is taking the discussions!!!!!! Tell everyone hello!!!!!!!!! You're in my prayers! SIEMPRE!


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