Monday, March 21, 2011

WOAH COOL TRUCK!!!!!!! Maddy looks so thin!!!!!! That is awesome - she must be hiking :) What a nice jacket she has on :) haha I'm glad she is putting my clothes to good use while I'm gone.

Well hello there mother!!!!!! That is sad that you had to say goodbye to another exchange student. I feel the same way about all my companions! We literally spend every second of every day together for 6 weeks and then we have to part ways :/ It is hard sometimes. Sister Lichfield has been a huge tender mercy in my life. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove working with her and I hope we can stay another transfer together here. ME ENCANTA BROWNSVILLE!

SO A MIRACLE HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to go see one of our investigators because it had been about two weeks since we had seen him. He wasn't there but later he sent us a text that said "guess what? ...I don't have anything planned for sunday" so we were like "well does that mean you are coming to church?" "...duh" (haha he is sassy sometimes). It was really great that he came - he brought his Bible and Book of Mormon in hand and was marking all the scriptures during Sacrament Meeting. When we called later to see how he liked it he said "I'm already planning on going next week... if anyone wants to do anything, I'm going to tell them no and that I'm going to church. I really need to get back to God in my life... especially before 2012 comes." haha I'm pretty sure he was joking about the 2012 but who knows. So yaya!!!!!! I hope that he will get serious about this... but it is looking good so far.

Sister Lichfield and I worked really hard this week. We accidently got lost and were basically driving along the river separating Mexico and the US.. it was pretty sketchy but God helped us out and we are still alive :) yay! We taught a lot of lessons and invited lots of people to follow Christ and be baptized.... I'm not so sure anymore how to have a normal conversation without mentioning one of the steps of the Gospel haha but I love it. You would be proud of Sister Lichfield because you know how I always forget to put sunscreen on? I was texting an investigator (haha sorry Sarah) and she attacked me and put sunscreen on my arms and face. I told her that you would be really grateful for that because I never do. It is really weird to hear Jon still talk about snow because it is like in the 80's here all the time.

I just want to tell you as a normal regular person that I still am... how grateful I am for the abilty to repent. I think sometimes as missionaries we just get so caught up in helping others understand the steps of the gospel, that we don't take time to live it ourselves. This week I have been pondering more on my own personal relationship with God and how I can make it stronger. I am trying to really reflect on what I can do to be better y arripentirme por mis culpas. I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Christ - that no matter what we do - He wants us to be free of that burden/guilt.

I love you alllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!! I pray for you daily. Hope all is well! I'm jealous you get to talk with Anna! Tell Scott that I said hola :)

p.s. today we are going to the zooooooo!

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