Monday, May 16, 2011


With my favorite Sister Lichfield and Sister Salan! I am SUPER excited! There are sooooooo many good things going on in Brownsville. I'm glad I get to stay and see the fruits of everything - especially George's baptism. This will be my fourth transfer here and I love it and I love this work! I don't have too much time so I'm going to just write a couple special spirit filled lessons we had this week. Sister Salan is having major back problems right now. She broke it a few years ago and wearing a backpack has been causing her major problems. She has had to stay in with members a lot this week while Sister Lichfield and I go out and work. I feel so bad for her :(

So the first neat experience was with this couple. She is the girlfriend of a less active member. We hadn't talked to them in a while because she stopped wanting us over. She invited us over this week to show us pictures of their wedding and so we went over. As soon as we get there her husband brought up a question about polygamy... apperently they had watched a movie that is out in redbox about the early church and polygamy. He had never known about it before (that the early church leaders practiced it) and so it shook what testimony he had. We told him we would start with the prayer and begin the lesson. Oh man we were praying for the Spirit like no ones business... and it was there. The whole time he was bringing up questions and he printed off his research from the internet to share with us. I wish you could have been there, it was really special. Even though I'm not super well versed with the subject of polygamy and what went on, we were able to share some scriptures - Mosiah 4:9 and by the end of the lesson, without us even saying anything, he took the internet research (aka anti stuff) and crunched it up and threw it in the trash. It is amazing how the spirit can work.

Yesterday we met an athiest while contacting... but the spirit was there. We were trying to ask questions/share scriptures because he was super closed at first. It turns out he was atheist because he was afraid that if there was a God that he would be in a lot of trouble because he killed people when he was in the army. He was really sad about the things he had done in the past and wants them gone. It was a super spiritual lesson. He was asking us.. if there is really a God, why would He let good people be killed and slaughtered in wars? We shared Alma 60:13... it is amazing HOW THE SCRIPTURES ANSWER EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I CAN'T FINISH THE STORY BUT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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