Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm super blessed to be in such a ready part of the world.

Gracias por su email. It was good to hear from you! Que lastima about the fishing :( Was it too early in the season? The pictures that Dad sent made it look like you had a great time! It sounds like you are running around like crazy visiting everyone! That is fun. Tell everyone hello for me :)

Okay so I'm in the Edinburg zone... but the area that I'm really in is called McAllen West. IT IS SUPER DIFFERENT! It is kind of weird to be at the heart and center. The Mission President and his wife are in OUR area... so we could go knock their street and technically go and visit them because they are members of the ward haha. It is kind of weird to see them all the time. Our area is a very weathly area.... which makes it kind of hard sometimes. When I got here there wasn't anyone progressing. That is just how the work goes sometime - but it doesn't have to! All this is a challenge of my faith - whether I REALLY trust in the Lord that there are people out there that are ready. We found four people that commited to being baptized :) It is special to see that through faith and diligent work that we can find those people.

I'm super blessed to be in such a ready part of the world. Sister Feito is awesome. She has a really cute personality and is super positive and never complains.

I'm grateful for all of your prayers on my behalf. I need them and can feel them working and strengthening me to keep going each day.

It is the rainy season here in south Texas :) Last week we walked to an appointment.. the sky was clear. Our appointment fell through and suddenly it started POURING POURING POURING haha so we were completely soaked from head to toe in two minutes. People were honking at us... a few times we got completely sprayed with water from the cars passing by... I felt like we were in a movie haha when the person is completely down in the dumps about life... and then they get SPLASHED with a wave of water from a car driving past... except we weren't down in the dumps, it was actually kind of fun.



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