Monday, July 25, 2011

It was so hot I seriously couldn't breathe . . .

Haha so what exactly did you do at poetry camp? I bet it was a lot different than girls camp :) But the pictures look beautiful! Green hills... what a concept :) We went to Walmart today and there is a little mini 5 foot hill and it was super exciting for us... because everything is flat here haha. The cool part is that I'm just so busy as a missionary, it hasn't really bugged me. That is cool you got to talk about the church with the lady you carpooled with! It is sad how often that happens that we say something or give a look or something that can be taken offensive :( It is always sad when we talk with people that have had a bad experience. I think as members sometimes we just don't even realize... que triste.

It is raining over there? Woah. Here it hasn't been too bad... except one day this week. Friday we went to walk to go contacting in the hot sun. After 20 minutes we got there and Sister Feito and I were dripping... it was really gross! The weirdest thing happened too - it was so hot I seriously couldn't breathe. I told Sister Feito that she needed to talk to the next person because I couldn't do it... it was really weird. Then somebody gave us cold water bottles. I drank the whole thing right away and was fine after that :)

One of our investigators came to church again! She is so funny. I think she would be a good greener. She has read all the intro to the Book of Mormon. The process with her is going to be a slow one but once she gets there, she will be solid! Everyone else that we are teaching all slept in and didn't come to church :( This week was a challenging one for me. I fasted on Sunday for the strength and the desire to get out there and talk to people this week. Every time we were going to go contact, I just had this dreadful wave come over my body like "I'm just so tired... I don't want to be rejected... and it is hot." I know the adversary is working on me. After I fasted and prayed, I felt better. I feel better now, but I know it is going to be a constant battle. It makes me feel a little better to know that even Christ at one point asked if He could pass the trial... but realizing it was necessary and that He already committed to it... He prayed harder and made it through. Never give up, never surrender!

Last night we had a miracle. We were going to go visit a former investigator when we saw this lady taking out the trash... we went over to talk with her. The first thing I said to her was "Me gusta su pelo... lo pinto?" haha because she had dyed her hair a nice red color and I liked it... we then went on to explain who we were. There was just something in her eyes that you knew she was searching.... you knew she was hurting. We talked for a bit. She just moved from Monterey, Mexico to here. It is just her and her sweet little baby. She was talking about what horrible conditions she lived in there and it made me sad :/ She said she knew we were the angels that God sent to help her fix her relationship with Him. We are going back tonight so I'll update you how it goes next week. I'm just so grateful to live here in this country. We are so blessed.

Welp I'm off! Thanks so much for your email! Take care and LOVE YA!

P.S. 5301 N 17th St #11
McAllen, TX 78504

is my new address... but packages you can mail to the mission office because we go by all the time and it is a secure drop off place.

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