Monday, July 25, 2011

This week was AWESOME and full of MILAGROS!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! That totally sounds like you are all having so much fun! That is awesome... except from your foot part :( I wonder what it was... m.s.?! Haha just kidding. Well maybe someday I will be able to diagnose you but not today haha. It is good you are starting to feel better though! It is still kind of frustrating to not know what it was.... like when I got that weird lung thing. It went away, but I still wanted to know what in the world was causing the pain.

Was Whitney at the reunion?

Okay this week was AWESOME and full of MILAGROS! We had the mini missionaries with us. They were super fun and all excited about knocking doors and teaching lessons. They have such powerful testimonies already... I wish I knew at their age! This week we had interviews with President Trayner. It was really good. He told me that I'm at the part of my mission where I need to be SPRINTING. When you start out, it is kind of at a slow jog, then you get faster and faster and now I'm at the sprinting stage of my mission. This is where I take all the things I've learned and apply them to help more people receive their own conversion. It was good motivation. This whole week I have been going strong with strong desires to work work work. I love it. I can't believe this transfer is almost already over.

Two of our investigators came to church on Sunday :) :) :) They should be getting baptized in the upcoming weeks. She said she liked it a lot better than last time. It is a super big change from the Catholic church so that has been a struggle for her. She says though that she just has had this emptiness that hasn't been filled... and that is why she wants to make the change.

The other investigator...the hippie lady who is so funny... she read the whole Word of Wisdom chapter on her own in class and QUIT COFFEE ON HER OWN! Wooo hoooo! We had a lesson with her and she just seemed super down and she told us because she had been off of coffee for two days. I talked to her yesterday on the phone though and she said her withdrawl is totally over now and she feels fine! Yay for blessings from God. I wish you could just meet all these awesome people! My weak emails just don't do them justice! The Lord has been blessing us to find lots of families this transfer!

Well I just want to say that I learned that when we pray for things... the Lord really helps us out... basic right? But sometimes I forget to pray about the little things thinking that it really won't make a difference - but it DOES. It is so funny, I'm a missionary, you think I'd know that by now... but we keep learning something new every day... usually more simple than profound.


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