Monday, June 13, 2011


Mmmmm that rhubarb salmon sounds delicious!!!! Ricisimo!!!!! Mmm I just love rhubarb! That peanut butter banana bread sounds divine :) This last week I went on a peanut butter fast so I'm excited to pick it up again today :) Mom so tell me about this new diet? How are you losing so much weight? I am coming up to my year mark and I want to lose 15 pounds before I come home. There is more jiggle in my "relief society" arms than ever before haha. Celestial pounds! So tell me about your diet.

OKAY BROWNSVILLE IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS AREA IS DOING SOOOOOOO GOOD! GRACIAS A DIOS! Angela's baptism was beautiful. Her mom was telling us about how she suffered from depression and anxiety before, but now that she has started coming to church and learning, it has gone away. Angela said after her baptism "I just feel really light." How awesome :) I love this gospel. I know I can feel that light feeling every time I repent. It is the BEST. She loves young women's and is excited for the activity this week. They are having a "hobo night" with the boys. Haha it actually sounds like a lot of fun. I want to go too!!!

We met two girls this week 16 & 18. They are super cute and LOVE the Book of Mormon. They asked us "everyone talks about Jesus... but is it wrong to doubt that He really exsists?" I just love how God has prepared me for this mission being able to have doubts - but then work them out. Because I have been able to doubt and overcome them, I know how others can do so as well. We talked about how we have two witnesses that Christ came, the Bible and Book of Mormon. They loved it and came to church. Afterwards they said "it was alright..." haha. They will come to like it!!!!! :) One of them is a rock. I want to be like her! We taught her the word of wisdom and she was like "yeah I already do that :)"

Our other investigator came again on Sunday! He sees all the members at school so that is good he is getting fellowshipped well. Hopefully baptism is in his future soon.

Sad news :( Mi hija is going to leave me!!!!!!!! We are having a mini transfer today and Sister Lichfield will go to San Benito and Sister Martinez is coming here. I'm going to miss her! She is the companion I've been with the longest and I just love her cute little guts! Change is good though. I've learned to just know that God has a better plan and so I'm just going to go with it. Sister Martinez is from south Texas and is fluent in Spanish. So I will be with two NATIVAS!!!!!! Wooo hooooo! They are going to help me with my Spanish :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!


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