Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walking around in the heat is a small price to pay for all that Christ did for me so I will be grateful!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Wow those pictures in Joplin look intense! It is a major blessing that Jim is okay and that all those people were inspired to go to the womens bathroom instead of the mens. God is good :) Thanks for the extra 100 dollars! That helps because buying the stuff cost more than I expected. Good news is we found a place called La Michoacana... which is a produce place that sells things for a lot cheaper so I won't have to spend as much on food from now on. I feel like I spend so much on the mission. I don't know what I would do without you Mom and Dad so thanks for always helping me out with those things.

It is getting to be at least 100 degrees each day. It kind of feels like I'm walking around in a sauna all day. But the people are usually super nice and give us water :) I'm very grateful for that. Walking around in the heat is a small price to pay for all that Christ did for me so I will be grateful!!!!

I don't have a lot of time because we have to go teach lessons soon but know that I love you. This week was amazing and full of miracles. God is truly preparing people and bringing families together. I have soooooooo many stories for you that I can't pick and don't have time for all of them. But guess what? One of our investigators who we have been working with forever... told us this week "I think I'm ready to get baptized." We were SOOOOOOOOOOO excited! The next lesson she told us "yeah I already told all my friends I can't go out and drink anymore." We hadn't even taught the word of wisdom yet. So she is progressing along. We met another great woman whose countance shines so bright every time we talk with her. She is definitely one of those people "that is kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it." We met her last week and came to church right away and loved it. She is a CNA and was taking care of a members sister. This member gave her a Book of Mormon and had us go teach her. It is amazing how there are people all around! We would have never talked to her if the member wouldn't have refered her to us.... so I want to be better when I go back at sharing the gospel with everyone.


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