Tuesday, June 28, 2011


. . . Dun dun dun. The day has come that I have to leave my favored Brownsville. I've been here for 6 months :) Sister Villalobos (my trainer) is coming to replace me. I know she'll do an awesome job. So Edinburg is right in the heart and center of the missionary work here. It is right by McAllen and I'll see President and Sister Trayner all the time. I'll be working with Sister Feito who is from Puerto Rico. Cool, lots of NATIVAS! I'm sad to leave Brownsville but I know that wherever I go it is for a reason.

On Monday it was about an hour before we were going to finish pday and go out to work and we get a call... saying that "mini" missionaries were going to be dropped off with us in 20 minutes. It was super crazy, we weren't even done with laundry or anything. The mini mission program is where youth 16-18 come out with us for a whole week, living by the missionary schedule and working with us. So we hurried and went to meet them at the gas station. While we were waiting I was like "our car is filthy, let's vacuum it out..." So I had the keys with me on my seat while we were vacuuming. I just was going to vacuum around them because we didn't have very much time... and then the next thing I know the vacuum had SUCKED UP OUR KEYS all the way! I was screaming haha "stop them!!!!" and my companions were like "what?" I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THAT POWERFUL hahahaha... so the very first impression these poor girls had of the senior missionary companion was that she vacuumed up the car keys. Nothing has changed here :) We ended up unlatching the big vacuum thing and finding them... not as horrific as I thought it would be :) God is good.

So it was fun to have the mini's with us. It made me realize how much I have changed. I don't know how to talk about worldly things for very long like music or movies or boys... all I know how to talk about is baptism and the spirit and church haha. But I love it. I love this mission soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I can't believe how fast the time goes.

I'm sick today :( I just hope I can get better before I switch areas. Pray for me please!

How is Mackay? Are you having fun? Say hello to everyone for me!

Hey guess what?!?! Victoria got baptized on Sunday :) :) :) It was so beautiful. The whole room was filled up with ward members there to support her.

George's daughter came down from Housten for the summer to stay with him. She came to church with him and LOVED it. She came up with a flyer for fhe at the beach with the ward and asked "Dad can we go?! I really wannna go!" It was cute. I'm glad because now they can come closer together as a family with the gospel. He said he read with her out of the bible last night. It is so cool to see these changes in people.

I love you alllllllllllll! Write me! I'm doing great!

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