Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I also see them change together and see the fulfillment of the statement "the gospel blesses families"

Wow... what happened with the pictures sounds familiar haha. I remember doing that in high school in Viscom. Pero, SI SE PUEDE MAMA!!!!! With practice I know you will be sending me beautiful pictures in no time :) That sounded like quite the birthday party! I LOVE EXTREME SPOONS! Yay for the primary program! Every time I see blonde kids running around at church I think of little Anna and Andrew. I hope they remember me when I go back :O We have been teaching a mom and her kids. They are all soooooooooo cute. I LOVE teaching families because I feel at home while I'm there :) I also see them all change together and see the fulfillment of the statement "the gospel blesses families." She came to church with all her four kids this Sunday :) You should have seen them! They all looked so spiffy in their dresses and the little guy in his sweater vest. While we were walking up, one of them grabbed my hand to walk with me and it made me miss all my nieces and nephews!!!!!!! I love kids! I know that being here is preparing me to be a better mom someday. But she is very prepared for the gospel. On the ride home, she told a member that she loved church and it answered all of her doubts/questions. Wooooooo hooo! By the way she needs to get married to her boyfriend too... so pray for her! ANOTHER WEDDING!! We also got the cops called at us this week haha. We had been parking our car a little down the road to save miles (apparently Jon is worrying about that too hah)... but somebody thought our corolla was suspicious and called the cops on us. We had it taken away from us for a little bit but we have it back now thankfully! It is cold today!!!!!!! 75 degrees :) Hopefully it stays that way! I hear there is lots of drama about Mitt Romney running for president. I don't know what is going on - we usually just change the subject because politics is not our message. Hmmm okay what else is going on here? I have lost hope in losing weight before I go home haha. I'm just going to go climb lots of mountains when I get home. I do have a jump rope though! If you find any exercises I can do with a jump rope - let me know!!!!!! I LOVE YA MOM!!!!! thank you so much for your prayers :) I get to talk to you sooooooooooooooooon! Can you believe how fast time is going? Say hello to everyone as always! Oh and I'm excited for my package :D

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