Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When God starts working on a family, He works on the WHOLE family.

Wow what a cool sacrament meeting!!!!! That sounds like it was very spirit filled and wisdom filled! I'm excited for Ayana!!!!!!!! She has so many good times awaiting her. Your picture looked AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I loved that you caught them in action! I loved the white van in the background haha did Dad really buy that? Thanks for the song, that was beautiful. This week was pretty good :) Surprise we got a new sister from the Nauvoo mission. She will just be here for the winter, and then return back to Nauvoo mission in the spring. Her name is Sister Cooper and she likes to run so I get to run again in the mornings - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My body feels so much better :) Tomorrow I get to see Sister Lichfield again!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I haven't seen her since June so I am excited. This month is going by so fast, I don't know what is going on. Our investigator and her family is still going strong :) We went by on Saturday and we finally got to talk with the Dad, for a little bit. He invited us in to eat for a little carne and tortillas :) We invited him to church and he came with the rest of his family!!!!!!!! She was beaming. Funny story is... when God starts working on a family, He works on the WHOLE family. We went to their house for our lesson and all of a sudden the cousins run up to pick up their daughter to go spend the night at her house. The cousin said "we need to hurry up though because the people from church are coming soon - we need to clean the house!" We were thinking to ourselves maybe the Jehovah's Witness or someone else was visiting them... but when we asked the cousin, she was like "no they are the same from your church." We were stunned :) The Assistants to the President are teaching that family too and we didn't even know it! So at church they all got to sit together. God is so good and His gospel truly blesses families. Hey guess what?! I HAD MY FIRST PIECE OF PUMPKIN PIE THIS WEEK AND IT WAS HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BETTER YET SISTER CORTES DOESN'T LIKE PUMPKIN PIE AND SO I GOT TO EAT HER PIECE TOOOOOOOOO! haha someone needs to work on charity right? :) I would have shared if she liked it - promise! Well I'm looking forward to anything and everything pumpkin that awaits this season. We are having a trunk-o-treat and we get to go because we have investigators!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy! It will be with four wards too so it is going to be crazy. I know the Savior lives and wants each and everyone of us to return to live with God. I love being able to relay this message to the people. Yay for south Texas!!!1 LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I'M GOING TO THE OFFICE NOW TO SEE IF YOUR PACKAGE IS THERE :)

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