Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It was a testimony to me to hear Him say that He had people prepared for us . . . and then to go and find them all that night was a special experience

Hahaha!!!!! I loved your story Mom!!!!!! It made me laugh here in the library. I think you are where I get my "I don't care" attitude about looks. Sometimes other girls complain about the way they look (even my companions) and I've just never joined in on that... and I think it is because I had a great mom that didn't worry about all that! Haha I can just picture you in your yoga clothes and boots walking to class... AWESOME. I'm trying to think of a funny story to repay you with... but I can't off the top of my head... because we're always laughing. Sister Cortes says it is my fault that she has gained weight these past couple of weeks because she is never stressed with me (when she is stressed she doesn't eat)... haha I explained to her that I hate being stressed and so I'm never stressed! I have just learned on the mission that whatever happens is going to happen. We as missionaries do our best and I know that God always takes care of the rest. So my mission philosophy is to go and work my hardest with the Spirit and don't worry about the rest :) We had a pretty good week. A lot of our appointments had been falling through towards the beginning of the week and it was rough. On Friday we decided to fast so we could have more of God's help. While we were fasting... our one solid person, called and said she is going to start going to another church :( We were sooooooooo sad! Then about an hour later Sister Cortes got a blessing because she wasn't feeling well. The blessing was so nice and brought the spirit super strong. In the blessing, God told her that "There are specific people being prepared for you Sister Cortes, and Sister Bricker... that only you can touch." We felt such a ray of hope and faith and like a burden was lifted off our shoulders. Then about 30 minutes later our investigator calls us saying that she wants us to come back and teach her daughter too. She had read all of her reading and understood that Alma 32 is saying that faith is not to have a perfect knowledge :) Her AND her daughter came to church on Sunday THEN later that night we had a lesson with this family and they all want to get baptized this month!!!!!!! I truly know that the Lord does fulfill all His promises. It was a testimony to me to hear Him say that He had people prepared for us... and then to go and find them all that night was a special experience. CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot was about missionary work and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo blessed to be here serving the Lord. I'm always grateful for you Mom/Dad/Grandmas/Grandpas for helping me be here. I'm working hard and loving it!!!!! Thursday we had to stay in our apartment for a while... our mission President gave us a call saying that there was something going on with the police there... so we went upstairs and made a map of all the people we wanted to visit. Everything turned out okay though. We see the cops all the time - there are definitely some not very good things going on here. I'm grateful for the Lord and His protection. I love you ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!

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